International Touring Rally AKAMAS- Saturday 16 – Sunday 17, May 2015

Dear L.E.P.A.L. members,
The Cyprus Historic and Classic Vehicles Club (L.I.K.O.K) continuing the philanthropic activities, with great pleasure, is organizing the 1st International Historic & Classic Car Rally AKAMAS.
The event will be held on Saturday and Sunday 16-17 May 2015. The aim is to support the action of the Polis Chrysochous Nautical Club, allocating the total revenue for this purpose.
All type of vehicles, classic and modern will be allowed to participate.
The start of the two-day event will take place on Saturday May 16, 2015 at 14:30 in Polis Chrysochous Town Hall in the presence of the Minister of Finance and other state officials. The event will be televised by CYBC.
As part of the route there will be a stop for tour and wine tasting at the Vasilikon winery. The finish of the route for the first day will be at the Anassa hotel. Moreover there will be a special Driving Test, in the parking lot across Latchi harbour, only for the classic cars over 30 years. The award ceremony for this separate individual test will follow at the central square of Polis Chrysochous under the auspices of Polis Chrysochous Mayor who will offer a cocktail reception.
During the second day, Sunday, May 17, the start will be given at 9:00 at ZENING RESORT and the journey in the same place at 12:30 for a nice BBQ lunch and award ceremony.
On Friday, May 15, at the Motor Museum in Ypsonas from 15:00 to 17:00 there will be secretarial and informative presentation for the special competitive part of the event. Also secretarial can be done on Saturday 16 May from10:00 – 13:00 at Zening Resort hotel.
The participation fee for two members’ crew is 135 Euros. For every additional person over 12 years old, the participation fee is 50 Euros and 25 Euros for children under 12 years old. The price includes Saturdays Gala Dinner and Sundays BBQ Lunch, entrance at the winery, stops for coffees, souvenirs and awards. The Discounted price for the Zening Resort Hotel will be available only if it’s booked through the LIKOK Club. zening prices 16 17 May 2015
The Cyprus Historic & Classics Motor Museum will provide classic cars from its exhibits for use in the ‘’1st International Historic & Classic Car Rally AKAMAS’’ against predetermined minimum donation, as described at the attached document. All proceeds will also be donated to the Polis Chrysochous Nautical Club
At the same time we would like to invite those who would be interested in volunteering for the L.I.K.O.K. Marshal team, marshalling at the time controls of the event. Each volunteer of this team will have for free accommodation, all meals and a Volunteering Diploma.
Please find attached the 1st akamas entry form 16 17 May 2015 and the Akamas Car Rally CAR LIST 16 17 May 2015.
You are kindly asked to submit your Participation forms as soon as possible in order to make the proper arrangements with the hotel on time.
Watch on Friday 08 May at 21:00 and Saturday 15:10 on 09 May in the program of CYBC 2 ‘’In To The Sports’’ a reportage for the upcoming 1st International Historic & Classic Car Rally Akamas.
We hope for your interest in our efforts and please contact the Executive Secretary of L.I.K.O.K., Michael Lefkati at 7000 9000, 97830188 or on the email: for further details and information.
Best regards

Dimi Mavropoulos
President of LIKOK

Akamas Rally 16 17 May 2015 EN

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